Evening all.

Trust your day was mighty fine and the weather as kind as it was here! A delightful day in the mid 20’s and an evening fit enough to burst.

Today was a special day as my daughter enjoyed becoming 1 year old. A friend at nursery has kept telling her she was zero – not anymore!

I wanted to end my day sat here, at my desk, with my blog in front of me and the words to come out. And they do. You see I am not sure it is the big moments that mean the most. Today was a gorgeous day in so many ways but it was also immensely busy leaving little quality time. The true depth of my relationship with my daughter has been measured over precious moments we have shared together and this, no matter it being the 5th day, the 201st day or the 365th day, is the true measure of love. Yes today she reached one but my love has been built on the moments throughout this last year. What times await? In that lies the excitement.

I think this forgetting the moment is important in most relationships as if you build up to something the pressure can invariably act as a dampner. Don’t get me wrong, i’m as excited and up for the big moments as anyone, but I feel very much this night, this night of all nights, that the true measure of who we are and of what we truly have with one another, is about the hard yards and not just the finishing line. 

My year with Flora has been one such learning experience. I have learnt much about myself but most of all I have been able to get to know a brand new human being as they start their journey on this earth. The journey has truly been the most special of all and I am truly grateful to her for coming into my life. She is a blessing, a joy, an inspiration for me to truly live. That is her lasting gift to me, her father.

Happy birthday Flora. Daddy loves you very much indeed.