Wisdom begins with balance 

Morning Campers! You know there are so many things that would shout out for our attention, scream that they are the matter that should fill our going to bed and our waking up. These noises can seek to fill our brains, our very souls, and in so doing drown out those depths of beauty that sit deep within us and within those we love and respect. 

I have taken each day to starting with a thankyou to the creation within which we live. It’s a simple act of saying I am grateful for the chance to start another day and to do so in as best a way as I can. This simple act is calming and joyous. I try and do the same at night too. Of course sometimes I forget too! 

It’s not much I grant you but I’m finding that those ‘big’ things that most of us have are put into an order rather than a dominance. That way my clan and indeed my own self being gets a better version of me. 

Have the best of days,

A X 

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