Virgin Trains (Pains) 

In today’s blog I need to bring you up to speed with my train journey last night. Virgin in their infinite wisdom decided to use the day of the England game @ Twickenham to do engineering work before 9pm. I was thrilled that this resulted in my 1 hour 20 mins journey taking twice as long. Further I got to stand up the whole way home. It was great. 
Thankfully dear CC gave up an early bed to come & get us. Home for just gone midnight & sleep arrived quicker than it takes me to eat a banana which I have to tell you is speedy. 

Then tonite on the book of the face I noticed that dear Richard Branson likes to list three things he’s grateful for each day. Well, here’s my list today:

1. I didn’t have to get in a Virgin train today

2. I didn’t have to stand up for three hours in a drafty carriage by the loo’s in a nub end of a Virgin train today

3. I didn’t have to rely on a Virgin train getting me anywhere today

Making this list has helped me be really grateful for my day today – so thank you Richard. 

This morning CC & I did a half marathon just for the hell of it. We trotted round OK, slowly I grant you, but falling into the final line without major injury which is always a bonus in my book. I was particularly thrilled to hear that a 77 year old had finished not too long after us. Outstanding isn’t it! The fact that we beat him & the fact that he did it! 

MCC was duly collected (sadly she declined the opportunity to run the 13+ miles) & we went off for dinner & then the park. Here in this blip you can see MCC cheekily going for the front slide. Much fun was had. 

Spurs won and go within two points of Leicester who tomorrow have to beat a revitalised Newcastle. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the Foxes respond. 

Now I lie on the sofa wondering why my legs feel separate to me. I suspect when I get up tomorrow morning I will just fall over. The joys of being an athlete eh…!

A X 

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