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With the arrival of June we are treated to Southwell Festival folk music drifting across the Upton plains into our welcoming open windows. It makes a welcome distraction from the hum of traffic that rises to a frenzied experimental orchestral piece at the two rush hour points of morn and eve. I once spent near on a whole minute waiting for a gap in the traffic to nip across Main Street with my loyal hound and escape the din down Mill Lane. I’m thinking of asking the village council to install a pedestrian flyover. 
June sees Upton arguably at its prettiest with the stunning gardens and fields in full finery. It is simply joyous. The Upton folk too get to wear their summer garments and it’s here that the true personality of a person comes out. A colourful bermuda shirt, that a little too bright Hermés silk scarf you bought with Auntie Geraldine’s money, a crumpled panama that cousin Billy accidentally sat on, the dandy cravat, the little too short tennis skirt, the mankini… 

The Upton cricket season rumbles on with all the excitement of 56 part blockbuster. The visiting sides to our ground are often surprised with the slowness of the outfield as the shiny oval leaves willow only to stop stone dead in mountains of cut grass left happily to rot. I mean, what were they expecting, Lords? Tea is always a delight as each side takes a welcome break from battle to eat sandwiches and cake. Some eat too much cake. Some look like cake. 

The Cross Keys clients now fall out into the garden to take in the sights and smells on offer. Looking across to the church on a warm summers evening with Guinness in hand and hound stretched happily by your feet is about as good as it gets. 

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