Underneath the covers…

Morning Campers. It’s funny living in a world where our living history is disappearing as our actual world is replaced by a virtual world. Go into my house even 3 years ago and you find my life’s artistic journey listed on the shelves of my study. My musical journey, my reading walk, my hopes, my dreams; it’s all there! In this photo you see some old U2 books, a band I rarely listen to now but who I grew up with and danced with at little venues when Bono was still Bono but a dirtier accessible pre friends of world leaders version. 
With books I’ve stayed away from Ebooks though my own books are happily both available on line and read on line which is great. Karen is a half and half reader of both ebooks & the paper version. Of course kindle makes perfect sense in every way bar that of the smell of a book and the feel of it in your hands. I can still drop my book in the bath & not worry about it! 

When CD’s came out I welcomed the smaller piece of music over the tape which you will remember normally came to a horrid mangled grief. LP’s I love, but one scratch and the sweet sound of your favourite song suddenly got a permanent stutter. Carrying all my music on my phone & having it talk to fabulous tiny speakers in an easy wifi connection is just awesome, so to me on line music is ace, bar the lack of the gorgeous interaction you felt with a band through an LP. 

However you approach this, we also have to concede that on line is environmentally kinder on a level of waste. In truth if you wandered through my shelves there is much I’ve not looked at or listened to for years so who is my library of memories for? 

Of late I’ve started buying LP’s again… In Whitby we’ve found an ace record shop. It’s like a magnet. Next thing is I will need a good deck. Somehow playing an LP just feels more like the beginning? So with foot I step into the future, and with the other I step back. 

I guess I will always be one of those people who strays between technology and its advances, and falls back into my accessible past. Both work for me and I hope the past is allowed to prosper. 

Have a fine Sunday.

A X 

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