Trump & Big Sam 

Good morning Campers. I’m off to Swindon today which is equivalent to going to view the local steel works in a driving rain storm and a heavy cold. I am fortunate to have company on the journey and shall console myself on that. 

Has anyone else noted the similarities between Trumpy and the appointment of Big Sam Allardyce to the position of England Head Coach. Sam, for those of you who don’t know the story or the man, is a large character who speaks his mind and gets results. However after only twice months he had to resign following getting caught taking backhanders for dodgy advice. You literally couldn’t write it until you look into his past and find he has previously been investigated for other ropey dealings. 

With Trump you just think that either his attitude will tip the scales or some reporter worth their beans will find due reason for him not to be a viable leader of the free world. 

The question is will Trump have a Big Sam moment? Will his past dealings catch up with him? Will he simply flip one day, maybe over a simple mundane thing such as one latte being one shot light? All of a sudden he’ll rip open his shirt to reveal a tattoo of Pancho Villa! 

Of course Big Sam has immediately gotten himself another highly paid job in the Premiership which tells you all you need to know about football in this country. Business eh? Dirty. 

Now for Swindon…

Have a great day!

A X 

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