Time to recant 

With Mr Trump in full ‘God bless America except the fall guys’ mode, you do wonder if God is actually pressing the eject button to move away from the hideous mess the humanoids are making of the earth. America has reacted strongly today against Mr T’s outlandish statements about Muslims but why should they be surprised? After all this is the fella who wants to build a wall across the US Mexican border to keep their southern cousins well and truly out. How he intends to insure the wealthy republicans can continue to employ the Mexicans with menial jobs on meagre wages is something he may have to think further about. 

What you have to acknowledge in Trump’s favour is that he does make for good press. The downside is that he’s as good as Press Sectetary for ISIS with this latest outburst which saw several journals and newspapers liken Trump to the leader of the former Nazi Germany. Ironic for a man who is quoted as saying ‘I will be the greatest representative of the Christians they’ve had in a long time.’ I’m not sure if he specified exactly how long, though I suspect he’s a big fan of the Wild West and that oversaw the slaughter of the idigenous Indian population. You couldn’t write it could you and yet in America it seems you can. 

Of course it’s easy to knock this odious man but what would be truly a crime would be the appointment of this man to be the Republican candidate in the US Predidential race. Can such a thing happen? Is this truly where America is today? If this happens then expect Americans to start to leave in their droves and if they do that they need to hope countries don’t close their borders to them…

The definition of a trump – to break wind audibly. Says it all really. 

A X 

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