The Ryder Cup

I have decided that I am not going to watch this years Ryder Cup due largely to being too tight to pay for Sky… I may have already today occasionally slipped onto the BBC website to check out the current drubbing we are getting as well as reading several articles in the press over the last few days about this years unlikely win for Europe, but other than that I am boycotting the event. 

Short break. 

Back now. Just been on BBC sport. Things are looking a little brighter for team Europe!! 

The thing is as much as I hate this trumped up razzmatazz and the ridiculous pouting of these sportsmen and their perfect wives @ the Ryder Cup, I can’t help but be intrigued by the pure theatre of high class sport and here, one on one golf before tens of thousands on the course and many millions across the world, a single person still has to make a putt fall. 

Of course none of it compares to the mother trying to feed her baby in a far flung part of the globe where war and religious factions has torn aside any chance of life either mother or baby ever had, but that’s our world. We spend multi millions and create often spoilt brats of our best sports stars whilst neglecting the poor, the needy, the hopeless. Even worse I, like the idiot I am, fall for this total mix up of responsibilities hook line and stinker! 

Of course every demented fool needs a reason to believe and I’m no different on both counts. I love the buzz of anything that makes me excited. I just wish we could find the same energy to help those who will never know these simple pleasures that we, lucky we, take so for granted. 

A X 

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