The Quest for Happiness 

I saw this earlier and it hit a chord: 

‘The quest for happiness is often misguided as it concentrates on what you want, not what you’ve got. Let beauty come from within and sure enough happiness will grow…’ Jasper King 

There are many things I want for myself and my world and I can see that this building of desire for things I haven’t got could and no doubt does knock my duck off! In local speak that means makes me more glum than I need to be! It’s not big things I want like a Maserati Gran Turismo in midnight blue with cream seats and walnut interior, but rather little changes I see a need to affect. It is this that can often build to bring a large pressure of need that quite simply is impossible to achieve. This large pressure becomes disproportionate to my inner peace. In this regard I am doing exactly what Mr King says above in that I am looking for happiness through things I want to see happen. This doesn’t deflect from the things I have for which I am most grateful, but it can crowd them out and thereby make their beauty less effective to my overall happiness. 

Aspiration is important though and I’m not saying your desire to change things for yourself for the better should be watered down. I have no problem with ambition in people. However such thrust for more is best catered for in the human psyche within a balanced setting of peace from within and a conscious effort to think of others. It’s a tortuous journey and one I get wrong often, but it’s worth the effort.

Today I am going to have a big push on counting my blessings. 

A X 

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