The Birthday Gift

What would you do if you suddenly discovered that all you thought you knew turned out to be a lie? How would you react if the foundations you had built your life upon turned out to not be foundations at all?

A moment in time caught between a grandfather and grandson, lost in utter joy at the end of a late summer. Click. Soon, devastation follows; the old man loses his fight to live, but leaves an extraordinary gift for his beloved grandson – a gift that will cause much heartache and cause decisions to be made that will put lives on the line.

“Promise me that you will not open it until after I have gone.”

Noah Spearing is a young man teaching in St Ives, Cornwall, when his life is changed forever after the death of his beloved grandad. A gift left for him from the man he loved more than anyone else turns out to be a poisoned chalice that he must deal with in the best way that he can.

All this comes at a time when the girl he wants is set to marry another man, and Noah must decide not only what to do with the gift from his grandfather, but also his love for Flora Trembath…

The Birthday Gift is a novel that sweeps through issues of love, of hope, of sorrow and of destiny. It spans across Europe, from Cornwall to London to France to Germany and then to Poland. The book is a gripping combination of thriller and romance, revolving around the painting central to the book which featured heavily in the recent Hollywood blockbuster, The Monuments Men, written and directed by George Clooney.

The Birthday Gift
Anthony Scott

PUBLISHED 28th November 2014 (Available to pre-order now)
£9.99 Paperback £2.99 eBook
ISBN 9781784620103  paperback 9781784628017 ebook

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