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The Birthday Gift by Anthony Scott

The Birthday Gift

by Anthony Scott

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Read in March 2015

My thanks to the Publishers and NetGalley for a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

Noah Spearing’s grandfather leaves him a gift which he must only open after his grandfather has passed away. Every family has its own secrets and skeletons in closets and Noah’s family is no different. His grandfather has a past that Noah knows very little about, all that is about to change when he opens the gift. 

Noah must decide to do what he thinks is best with the gift. Are his choices the best for all concerned? As his puts into action what he has planned to do with the gift, events suddenly take a very sinister turn. Putting not just himself but other family members in danger.

I really enjoyed this book and stayed up into the early hours of the morning to finish it off as I was dying to find out what happened to them all.

I found it well written and I will be looking out for other books by this Author. I feel that it would make quite a good reading group read due to the content of it and found it to be very thought provoking.
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