The art of writing a thriller

Life exists on many levels through a zillion layers that cause to point towards seismic happenings that are in fact, when shredded apart, brilliant and gleaming tiny fragments of this thing we call existence. 

To understand this point is to write the perfect thriller; to build it around each page of prose leading the reader unwittingly to some explosive event without them ever seeing it coming. 
This was Updike, his great literary skill. He would have you turn page after page, your attention glued firmly into the tiny detail, only to find you reach a climatic event without obvious warning. That often is life. We go about our day, our norm, only to one moment walk into a cosmic hail of gunfire that rips away our foundations and changes our life forever. It’s not fair I know, but this is life and it is also what separates a good book from a great book. 

Layer upon layer, subtext laced with auto queue, until you find the gunpowder that blows right up in your very hands. This, right here, is the art of the great thriller. 

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