Shock News – big fat Trumper is a dodgy politician 

Good morning campers. It turns out that dodgy politicians is still a surprise to us despite history teaching us that many who take public office or who seek public adoration are often, not always of course, a little ropey. American politics surprisingly is not the only culprit. In fact  politics has been laced with dodgy types since Adam said to Eve ‘where do we stand on the apple tax?’

America is built on driving the indigenous Indians out of their homes. They’ve kept the guns ever since. The UK has systematically lauded its nose over beautiful people around the Commonwealth with often disdain for their culture compared to our tea drinking. Look at the Romans, the Greeks, the Turks, the Germans, Vikings, you name it – self first and others second has often been at the front of mankind. 

We’ve built a world that spews out waste across our beautiful planet, we allow it to be tortured and ripped apart and we even allow our leaders to either deny climate change or do little about it. David Attenborough suggests Mother Earth will fight back. Good luck with that Mr President. 

I think Trump just stands out so hideously because of his own life of excess, both in terms of personal success matched only by personal opulence and a particularly aggressive attitude to any who dare to oppose. It is leadership, but not particularly palatable to many of us. However those who did vote in the US voted for him so I hope he can be great for America and our world. I know this is doubtful but I’m hoping. 

I want in my sphere of my world to be happy. I accept working hard is essential. I believe solid targets are central to a business and finding the perfect team is really the holy grail. I want to treat all with kindness but honesty. I believe personal happiness is based on the same qualities of commitment, love and honesty. It’s beauty is often in the simple things. This is true in business also. 

Our world deserves our love so please don’t give up on it. Rather put your beauty into it. Self serving leaders can’t take that away from us. 

Have a great day!

A X 

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