Ringing endorsement…

Good morning campers. We awake not to a ringing endorsement for Teresa May to go into Brexit negotiations but rather a hung Parliament. 

Young people have voted. The Brexit fight back has begun. 

It’s quite unbelievable. 

A campaign that was set up on one key subject, Europe, swung across other issues and then shone on the police and the NHS as awful darkness visited our land. 

In such a short campaign the country was not convinced. If the election was held again it begs the question just what could the Labour Party do?

Interesting times and taking the electorate for granted appears to have been a gamble too far for the Tories. What must David Cameron be thinking this morning? Worth noting too that the Tony Blair scaremongering could not have been more off key. Corbyn has been spectacularly successful. Wow. 

A X 

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