Reasons to visit America 

The BBC reports:

Gun violence is significantly higher in the US than in other advanced countries, killing about 30,000 people each year.
Sales of guns in the US appear to have risen recently amid speculation that the White House was going to tighten the law.

Shares in gunmaker Smith & Wesson rose to their highest value since 1999 ahead of President Obama’s announcement.

Congress has been reluctant to pass any laws restricting gun ownership, facing pressure from gun owners and the NRA.

Almost every week in the US there are stories of children shot accidentally while playing with a gun they didn’t know was loaded, or stumbling across a pistol shoved into a drawer.

30,000 people + killed a year. A year. Over 100,000 shot. A year. The worlds leading democracy? 

Other than that, the weather can be very pleasant…

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