Quiet thinking 

Morning all. There’s much going on in our world at the moment isn’t there. Ever was and ever will be though at this point, at this time, it does seem to be at a pace of a zillion miles per hour. The question is how we in our own finite frame find the capacity to absorb the noise and not let it overtake our day. 

Last night I was at a Christmas market in a small town called Southwell. It was a little slice of joy and a reminder of the good that is done. Monies were being raised for amazing things, rich mulled wine was given freely, sweet violins filled the air, pizza ovens sent their heat into the welcoming night sky and pretty lights glistened. Over it all the ancient Minster watched; eyes that has seen the arrest of Charles the 1st now watching us to see how we can do in this world of beauty and the beast. Ever was, ever was…

It’s easy to think it’s never been so this or that, but in human behaviour I really think it always has. Savages slaughtered then and they still do now. It does not stop the kind, the beloved, the precious, the joyous, the dreamer, the poet, the comic, the lover, the Saint. 

I believe in the power of good. I believe that it will prevail. I also believe you can choose. Make a good choice today. 

A X 

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