PC Keith Palmer 

The 22nd March 2017 saw another lunatic throw his life on the funeral pyre of martyrdom in the name of terror. PC Keith Palmer stood shoulder to shoulder with you and I as he asked the knife yielding maniac to stand down. He lost his life for us, gave it in fact for our freedom. How brave is this?! As one man acts out of terror and hate, another stands in his way out of liberty and hope. 

Five people so far have died and at least 40 more injured including many most severely. One man may have done this but how many more contributed to his mental state of demented hatred? These people will be meticulously hunted down by our security services but it will be too late to save what happened yesterday in our capital city. 

Foreign and internal national policy past, present and future need to reflect the needs of our nation. Balancing the need to protect us with that of looking after humanity across the world is an awfully big ask. Are not better doing this together, united? Certainly Brexit and Scottish independence seem like less good ideas when we are faced with the reality of what we face in concerted terror attacks across the many complexities that our current United Kingdom faces. 

London yesterday was rocked again by dark forces. It will arise today and fight back. These idiots seem to forget Londoners lived through the blitz. 

PC Keith Palmer – we will not forget you. My hope is a statue of you is erected outside the Houses of Parliament as a reminder of your great service to our nation and a reminder that democracy will be protected on these shores. 

A X 

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