One Love 

It’s hard to know how to comment on lives of innocents in our own backyard being slaughtered or maimed by morons intent on destruction. I note so many people calling them things like terroists but I wouldn’t grant them that title. Morons will do just fine. People have been slaughtered the world over and the centuries over just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and still morons think to right this by ‘retaliation’ against other innocents. 

Breaks my heart. 

Manchester’s concert last night was an act of defiance. The stories behind the London attacks of incredible heroism just made me feel in awe at humanity. 

So to all you morons who want to be involved in these acts know this – humanity rose to your cruelty with beauty and bravery that surpassed your evil. 

For our Government there is no doubt that our country craves a response that leads this country as a whole to a long lasting response. Multi faith and multi cultures is brilliant for us. Letting people though fight against our values is not for us. 

Peace, love and clear direction to safer streets for us all,

A X 

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