On Ashover Hill

Henry found his feet begin to break out into a run, because he had seen, quite clearly, the bones of a hand stretching out from the dug-up earth.

A hand in skeleton form stands out in a pile of earth. Years of a hidden mystery are at last uncovered.

In Naples, a squad of new British recruits are labouring under the hot Italian sun, and the story begins. Soldier William McTeer falls in love with a beautiful young Italian woman, Francesca, but the war tears them apart. Years later, a letter Francesca writes to William leads them to be reunited. They move to Edinburgh where their son Robert is born and the die is cast. The story then centres around Robert, his children, Taylor and Jasmine, Robert’s best friend Angus and his family, and their entwined lives. Tragedy follows, but redemption too. Behind it all lurks a secret too dark to even contemplate…


On Ashover Hill travels across Europe, spanning generations of the McTeer family and the love, hurt, pain and redemption that follows. It covers 103 years and a family in transition from a kiss to a birth, an act of inhumanity to a triumph act of love. Primarily a story of true romance, it weaves together a tale of unending love and family relationships with an undercurrent of mystery, crime and betrayal.
The book has been inspired by a number of authors, including Sebastian Faulkes, Helen Dunmore and Ian McEwan, and will appeal to fans of romance fiction, as well as crime fiction readers.


PUBLISHED 1st October 2012
Price £9.99
ISBN 9781780883052
Distributor: Orca Book Services.
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