Nudist beaches 

Sanity is everything and walking past a nudist beach the other day full of chaps reminded me that taking life in all its ups and downs gives you balance. 

We looked down at them as we walked around the back of the beach from a high up vantage point and saw many in affable conversation. About what we can only surmise but I suspect the normal topics were there such as football, politics, stocks, weather and those pesky Eeeeengleesh! We noted a mature lady had perched herself up on the cliff in full view of all that lay below her. She was wearing clothes and a huge grin! 

Was I tempted to go down there and unfrock myself? Of course! Imagine the beauty of simply baring all under Mother Natures fair gaze and letting oneself be at one with the elements. I bet it’s great! No doubt several of my kindly readers have partaken in naked outdoor activities and the beach is the obvious front runner. There is then the question of solo nakedness or group! In my own head I wonder does solo even count? Is part of the beauty here being naked with humanity?

I’m reminded of a recent incident in a leisure facility changing room where I was just drying myself off with a towel wrapped safely around my privates. A young chap came up to my side and proceeded to chat at length to me whilst remaining stark bollock naked. I maintained eye contact. Towards the end of his various monologues when he was clearly totally dry and now just chatting in the buff because he wanted to, he produced a spray, and I kid you not, bent over and sprayed it at length up his nether regions. Not only was this chap happy to be naked, but he was also a lunatic.

I guess many of us attach nudity in numbers with a kind of madness but in fact nudist activity is on the up, as it were! Naked art installations on gigantic scales for example! Marches too and even naked rambling. In dear Old conservative Blighty this kind of behaviour remains something for our European partners to more fully embrace. Perhaps too our weather makes it more problematic for the more obvious route to group nudity of bronzing purposes. 

I just wonder though following on from my last blog if nakedness does hold the key to peace. In all seriousness you have to feel that if we were all in the buff would our world not be a safer place?

Peace, love and get your kit off!

A X 

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