North Korea & the Posturing Ruling Classes 

I was reading over the weekend about the starvation camps in Kenya as the Sudanese flee war only to be faced with nothing but waiting for death to arrive. I spotted a similar awful thing on Facebook where a drone flew over war shattered Syria and you realise that anyone asking why you are fleeing your country is demented. Then you look at the money in the war machine, the sling of weapons of awful destruction sold to these countries to use at will. These weapons more often than not get into hands we would rather they had not gone into and before you know it we are being threatened with the very weapons that were meant to protect us. Then follow the money and if you do be very careful. They won’t like it…
I wonder which ones of us at school thought making arms to maim and kill was a career choice? Certainly I can remember a few heartless types who could have gone into a rather grim career of enforcement but this is different. How do you control the gap between making a weapon that is amazing in what it can do, and then the simple truth of us allowing our world to grow such awful end game scenarios? 

This struggle to balance security its care is what you see with politicians like Jeremy Corbyn who I believe sincerely cannot get his head around it and I get that. His problem is that he is one election off having to make the hard choices and this is when the moral dilemma is at its most finest biting point. You and I can postulate in blogs like this – but they have to make the call. However I would rather have a person at the helm who cares about society above all else than one who cares about capital above all else. This is one call the Americans are going to have to make before us with their elections and the totally crusading Trump. You breed what you sow and the fact that this gun toting capitalist hypocrite is one step away from being President tells you a lot about where America is right now. Obama has tried to make a stand but his own choices have at times been at best hard to understand. It’s a mess and gunlaw alone will not solve it. However gunlaw under a Trump legislation and you fear for the country and our world. 

Then you get the North Koreans. A country determined to undermine and flout its muscles whenever it so chooses. North Korean Ambassador Hyon Hak-bong recently said: “We have been forced to develop nuclear capabilities. It is only by having a deterrent that we can focus fully on economic matters.” This is our world. One that makes hatred to force peace! You know, many of us do not want this. Many North Koreans do not want this. Many Americans do not want this. We want a new world, a wholesome world based on equality, fairness and love. Look around London and you see the great gaps growing by the day. We have to find a way to convince those with capital to share it out fairer and to do so where it matters the most. The Kenyan camps suffering to feed the desperate would be a good place to start. 

For a better tomorrow.

A X 

Anthony R Scott ACIB DipPFS

Managing Director


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