New Zealand & the why

Morning all. To see grown men pile into each other with absolute brute force, and then afterwards react with such good grace, underlines why rugby union can teach us much about life. At times we really do have to put heart and soul into our day and at times it can be more than  uncomfortable with some of the confrontations we have to have and I wonder how this leaves us both emotionally and professionally? 

To listen to both sets of players and staff after the World Cup final was just inspirational. They recognised one another’s great qualities and congratulated one another. It was humbling to watch. Watching the Chelsea manager moan his way through more injustices that bear no relevance to his group of overpaid and underperforming players is the reason why Premiership football has long since lost its appeal. Add to that the FIFA corruption and the comparison between sports and life choices could not be clearer. 

Have you been watching any of the U.S. Republican leadership contest? This is the worlds leading so called democracy. A country that has allowed money to so dictate the political agenda that a FIFA style financial scandal is somewhat inevitable to bring some reason back. And this brings me full circle to Jeremy Corbyn. Could the contrast be more obvious? It’s wonderful really and the thought that the working class people of the UK have a major party with a leader they can more readily associate with is healthy for our politics. The scorn that many have laid at Mr Corbyn’s door is every reason why we should applaud his inclusion. 

And that’s it in a nutshell, the word inclusion. The rugby World Cup final was far from perfect. Ticket prices for one have been horrendous. However it has dignity and that, in this world of cut and thrust, was worth it’s weight in gold. 

A X 

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