I’m off to a regular networking meeting I go to in about 30 minutes. Just have the small matters of popping the hound round the block, jumping in & out the shower, I know I have a shirt to iron, then drive a couple of miles for my scrambled egg on toast. An easier solution would be to not sleep which pretty much makes sense for most of us in our busy Christmas run ins! 

Networking is a fabulous opportunity to meet people. Placed down in black and white it looks like the most obvious of statements yet how many of us actually do it? Networking is the meeting of others in the hope of finding something useful for you. This could be a new supplier, a new client, a new idea, a new perspective. If your lucky you may also get breakfast or a lunch or maybe a glass of wine. 

I stated attending this breakfast meeting when we launched Fiducia back in 2001 and I like it’s easy pace. It works for me. That’s crucial too because round pegs and square holes rarely turn into a good news story. 

So, if you’re stuck for something to happen, get out there! Stop waiting for the world to find you when it’s actually waiting for you to find it!

Now for that hound…

A X 

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