Mass Production 

It’s funny following the Tory Conference and cross referencing it to all the market realities of an historic low pound and an historic high FTSE. You couldn’t write it and yet here we are charting new waters and wondering why far from sinking we continue to bound along, buoyed by historically low interest rates and near zero unemployment figures. Forgive me for sounding like Big Chief Noidea but ‘How?’

The trouble with any reading of any economy is trying to pick through the mass production of soothsayers keen to add their optimism and their downers on to all our economy can hope for. The truth is that any ‘out of the norm’ fact is almost certainly not a positive. Low interest rates remain low because to raise them would jeopardise our far too fragile economy, an economy which the suits continue to bet upon in the square mile to record levels in unseemly manner. All this frivolity takes place whilst across the green in our second City the Government debate the nationality of our doctors and how to save us from ourselves. Our in the cold the Opposition continue to speak to the common vacuum of the disenfranchised. 

To be in business in the middle of all of this in these trying times is, simply put, a real challenge. Staying true to your beliefs and standing firm with your heartfelt plans are critical pointers, as is the need to be flexible enough to try out the unusual because diversity in this fluid market remains a must. The great entrepreneurial businesses have always been able to adopt to their surroundings, see the changes arriving and flow into new markets. This same challenge faces all business leaders as they seek to protect their workforce and their clients. 

I try each day to look to do something proactive and outfacing each day for my business, aware that many of my hours are needed for the necessity of small print, but wanting to ensure I and my business can grow so that we are stronger in tomorrow’s markets. This means a humility to accept my mistakes and a willingness to grow into the opportunity of my tomorrow. Finding like minded souls who can grasp a picture bigger than the sole sum of themselves is critical because together you really can achieve much more. This is where the mass product of all what you and your business is about can truly make a difference. 

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