Juxtaposition of the erstwhile mind

‘The state of the nation is equivalent to what’s on my dinner plate.’

‘What’s on your dinner plate?’ Bill’s brother asked, the thousands of miles between them being an irrelevance. 

‘Bangers and mash.’

‘You’re in the bloody Caribbean!’

‘What’s your point?’

No response. Jack continued his dinner hypothesis. 

‘Sausages rock a dinner plate like politics drive an election debate. They’re all big and brassy and important and full of what will make the world of the little electorate worth living just that little bit more!’

‘And potatoes?’ Jack’s brother asked.

‘Are what really matter. Fluff is one thing but where would we be without potatoes eh?!’

‘You’re a genius man,’ Joel replied, ‘a bloody genius.’

‘I’m wasted, that’s what I am, wasted.’

‘The usual?’

‘Too many sausages,’ said Jack, ‘too many sausages.’

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