William McTeer

My grandad served in WW2 & I did some research tracking his progress across Europe. Given ‘On Ashover Hill’ starts in Naples in 1943, you will not be surprised to know that my very precious and hilarious grandad (Eric King) was a young British Sergeant based in Naples, Italy at that time. He served for over 7 years with HMForces with only a week’s compassionate leave at home when one of his sisters had died. Can you imagine being away from your life at home for all this time with the threat of death hanging over you for the duration! How would this affect your life and your future views? I was fascinated to take this thought and pull it into my book.

Sergeant William McTeer is modelled on this part of my Grandad’s journey. He is the start of the book, the start of the dynasty that OAH tracks and takes you through his future generations and up to 2046.

This blog is dedicated to all of us who are on a journey – just as Eric King all those years ago left the smoke filled air of the coal rich East Midlands and marched out to Nottingham to catch a train on a 6 year journey that would change his life forever. We don’t know where our journey will lead – but we do know that we are all in this together – finding our way – making our mark.

Thanks for reading.



On Ashover Hill

Hello and good morning. A good starting point for my blog will be to tell you how my book came about. ‘On Ashover Hill’ started, as many things do, at the beginning. And yet, the idea that came to me, was the start of the book that in fact is the end of the book. Chapter 1 is in the future, 2046, and the discovery of a dead mans hand sticking up out of the freshly dug up earth. I liked that idea – not a dead mans hand of course – but rather the journey that the reader would follow of where that hand came from and how on earth it got to be there – in Ashover, Derbyshire – in 2046.

The book then transposts back to Naples in 1943 and a smoldering parade ground in war torn Italy, and the journey begins.

I will use this blog to open up insights into the book and its characters and how they connect to me and my journey.



the start

When i was little – under 5 – I would enrapture (bore) my relatives with story telling. I guess it has always been part of who I am. In between then and now (I am now 45) (years) (not cat years) I have written lots for me but not got round to doing it properly – that is that writing is my life. 7,000 other things have been my life with writing as a side interest that has resulted in some very interesting things – books half written / poems / bands with lots of self penned songs and a continued boring of my friends with made up stories.

And yet now – today – I am about to do something new. I have written my first full book that i am proud of and my pals who have read it all really like it too. It is called ON ASHOVER HILL and i thought i should document its progress along with mine.

So – my first ever journey into the world of blogging. I haven’t got a clue what I am doing. i just clicked on google, found a site, and set this up. Sadly my mother does not have a computer so she will not be able to follow this. I hope you can – whoever you are.