New Work

New Work


Goodnight sweet prince,

you served us well;

though the detail of your travails 

was less than the sum of your return.

I oft will wonder on your steady gate,

the easy fall of sadness

as you peel away your gaze 

from my fallen archangel.

If bliss were a virtue

then as pure as the snow be I;

my mind set for southern winds

along this meteorological test. 

Look, I venture,

pointing east

and heads they turn,

expectant, hopeful.

I will sleep now,

my day run,

a race so true

that I bear will believe my own Mother!

And you, bright star,

will’st thou come back tomorrow?

Fair wind rest thee well

in Mother Nature’s pure embrace. 
A X 


Say Yes 

Say Yes 

I was reading this morning about the power of saying yes, of opening yourself to the possibility of the affirmative. The idea is a simple one. On waking up take a few moments to accept your day and look into it positively. Say yes to it. Then, during your day, accept the opportunities to speak, to read, to act as they present themselves to you. Finally, at night as you wait for sleep, say yes to slumber.

Accepting our very existence is a basic and quintessential part of our human DNA. Taking the time to do this is a positive shot into our bloodstream.

Amen to that!

A X 




The gentle hum of an autumn day
Hangs in the air like an unspoken

Act of a gallant act of love

That strikes open the soul

Of Mother Nature herself. 
On such a day as this 

It would be easy to miss 

The gentle nuances of a twisted core,

A Bramley ready to fly,

A leaf resting in sodden earth.
Here she stands, 

In Earth that settles in the knowledge

That cold days must follow,

But for now the moment

Is to sit back and sparkle. 
And how has age affected her?

Her skin is not what youth 

Had visited upon her

As moss stretches across

Her still stretched form. 
What is time that it might control her?

Where is the Morrow of death or destruction?

It will surely come

But why waste time

On such doleful thoughts?
The years have taught her

That to be kind and at rest

No matter what,

Is the truest way to live

As though eternity is a given. 


Ying & Yang 

Ying & Yang 

Life through Facebook versus Life through the BBC versus Your Life. What do you see, do you feel? 

There is so much human kindness out there to envelop you and build you. It’s there, it’s always there. Good people reaching out to bring a balm of beauty to your bruised head. 

I can’t help but allow the negativity of men posturing before one another on the international stage get to me but, and it’s an important but, I see goodness. 

I read recently that every little act of goodness has an impact. Let’s keep it going. 

Happy Thursday 29th of December 2016 to you. 

A X 

Tune: https://itun.es/gb/RaVeI?i=571666541


New work 

New work 

‘Honey, if you’re going to do it, then do it with Moët,’ she said, all snarled up like, as though the words were even crushed before she’d even thought about speaking them.
‘Expensive choice hun!’ Bernie replied, his heart not in it but his head knowing that Charlene never ever got these things wrong. 

‘It’s a legal high, right?’ he asked, knowing only too well the answer and that nights out with HRH almost always led to stories to tell for a thousand years. 

She raised her eyebrows as though the very effort of doing so would force him to drop the bomb. He dropped the bomb. 

It took thirty minutes and lasted the next 24 and took some explaining to the arresting officer who found him riding a surfboard on a parked VW camper van encircled by bemused hippies and left wing chancers.