Islamic State

Paris. The city of love, beauty, history & inclusion. Today it lies in mourning as the death toll rises and terrorists claim responsibility. 

You know everyone, no matter how deluded, invariably do extreme things because they believe in them. Clearly doesn’t make it right but it is the starting point in trying to understand WTF. When you are dealing with deluded terrorists who are ultimately willing to die to spread the word you realise that the rules have changed. 

Reaching out to all, no matter their background, is about humanity and this has to be our starting point. Obliteration simply doesn’t work because others who feel excluded will come again. ISIS is living proof of this. 

As a child I was brought up by Christian parents & we would hear amazing stories of missionaries spreading the word with love. Many were slaughtered for their message. Those who spread the word of ISIS do so with a suicide bomber. It kind of puts a different perspective on delivery of Gods truth doesn’t it? 

I know very little but I can see that the bullet leads to the gun, the missile to the bomb. This self perpetuating cyclone of violence will reach new heights now as France seeks retribution and more die. I recognise absolutely the right of France to stand and of the UK to stand with her, but solely by killing those who lead this organisation is not enough. Iraq teaches us this. Syria too. The biggest threat to ISIS is humanity. The reaching out of my hand to one of my enemies hands – impossible? 

God my blood boils when I read of any injustice. Yet in my own life I have things that do not sit comfortably with me. Is the start of our future all about us looking inward first and putting our own house in order? 

For Paris I weep. I have spent many great times there with a magnificent City. To take such terror on to her streets is madness and yet these streets have known such times before. The blood runs now but love will overcome. Paris teaches us this more than any truth ISIS may wish us to bow down to. 

Keep safe & spread the love. 

A X 

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