Impossible is a word that means it’s not possible. If something that is impossible becomes possible it’s either a miracle or someone pulling your leg. A Physio recently pulled my leg. Just a fact really rather than anything connected to the possibility of usurping the impossible. 

Now, as for highly unlikely, this is erring closer towards slightly more plausible but still red hot towards the miracle stakes. Unlikey moves the needle that bit further and so on until you get to a banker. A banker is not a Banker for, as we all know, they are invariably crooked and at some point going to end up visiting Her Majesty. No, a banker is a sure fire bet, a no lose situation. If you do lose then you’ve been conned. Welcome to the land of bookmaking!

Personally I like to still think the impossible is a sure fire possibility. 

Now for St Honore…

A X 

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