I’m writing! (Kind of…)

Morning Campers. I’ve finally found some writing time though initially I’m spending it on the ‘On Ashover Hill’ 2nd edition. I’m dealing with a few errors from the 1st edition plus adding a couple of links to ‘The Birthday Gift.’

It’s quite emotional for me returning to OAH. William represents himself, of course, but I can’t deny I’m in there too. I’m a quarter into the read through edit and lost in the story and know that I’ll never write that book again. 

There are only 5 copies left of the 1st edition so a clear need to get the 2nd edition out there. At this rate Christmas 🎄 is a possibility. I’m hopeful!

I was chatting about ‘Being in a Band’ (BiAB) with someone in the music business this week and there is a lot of interest in me both writing about the band thing plus me doing a comedy. I just need to re-visit and make sure it’s silly enough and not too incriminating! I’m hopeful I can do this as a project in the fall. 

I often get asked what I’m currently writing (thanks Mum) and once I apologise for not writing a new book for a couple of years, I do talk about the King Quartet. I have the lead character in my four decade quartet and a semblance of the story so soon, 2018, I’ll get cracking. 

Finally my website needs redoing and the access to you getting my books needs redoing. At the moment I’m afraid you need to keep messaging me. I will get around to getting this back on a proper online order thingy asap. 

Thanx for your patience and support and love,
OAH forever. 

TBG rocks. 

BiAB coming soon. 

The KQ – now that’s exciting…


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