I saw her standing there

Morning Campers. Who are we? What defines us into the box that is truly what we are. What are the blocks upon which we are built, the supports upon which we stand, the strands that flow through our DNA that define the very heart and soul of us as individuals? 

This symphonic mix of blasts of self make us whose are, and this is both the best and worst of what we offer. Sometimes the more negative features of our makeup takeover and it is good to step back and consider truly what we want to shine through. Making the breakthrough of seeing how life has sucked some of our goodness away is necessary to truly treat our souls and make us best able to be our best selves in our world. Find what’s missing and bring it back. Find what’s needed and add it in. 

Aspiration is all but on its own will fail. Actual taking apart where we are at to truly make ourselves better can take time so today, for a moment, take stock. Do so and tomorrow be better. The next day, better still. 

Happy Valentines,

A X 

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