I Need Direction 

Morning Campers. I wrote the following on blip last night and it hit an immediate chord:‘It’s funny, that morning light, that playing with the mind that just everything might be alright after all. It’s the best of times; the waking into a new day with a plethora of opportunities all waiting to rain down on your parade and wash away last nights dismal storm. 

In that moment, the glow of a first glimpse of a brighter today; well everything is possible, every avenue open to a wealth of new beginnings. 

I write best in a morning. 

Evening? Not so good and invariably always much darker.’

When I took my blip photo yesterday it was early in the morning, just after first light. I had been walking the hound just as the sky broke and a hopeful burst of peachy red brushed across the sky with a promise that just anything could happen. 

I wrote writing to go with the blip last night after a day at the coal face and the necessities of a day to make 1+1=2 despite everything lined up to make it 3. The reality of our days are what they are. I can’t change much of what happens. What I can affect is how I am and how I react in the middle of it. It is this more positive outlook that I find much easier to think about and re-embrace in a morning. Is it sleep or time away from the issues or both that makes this ability to connect to the positive energy easier? It certainly is clarity. It underlines that coming back time and time again to the front line will destroy you unless you take the time out to re-energise and go again. 

However, in writing my blip last night, I have mused on writing darkly and the power of this too. Facing into your psyche when it’s in a darker place can be highly creative and for me that is highly satisfying. 

Now for honey on toast…

Have the best of days. 

A X 

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