House of Cards

Morning. It’s odd seeing politicians do their jobs through two houses, one elected and one selected, and balancing this with you & I working hard to keep our planes in the air. Surely the true test of government working is the release and growth of businesses. You would see this in policies that reward growth and hard work, that support us to help those who need help to get into work, that encourage new business but also care for long term business. So, I wonder, how safe do you feel under this UK Governement? 

For me the key to this question is engagement, both by these Houses of Parliament to us, but also our responsibility to connect to them. Failure is bad enough, but failure with full knowledge of Government is damning. 

Also the balance of a free market and a world wide market, whilst protecting our country against the inevitable instabilities out there is key. Are you feeling any safer or less so now? 

Finally I would highlight fiscal management with UK responsibility. UK Plc is where at the moment? 

We need our MP’s & Lords & Dames. We really do. We need their honour, their care, their work ethic, their wisdom and their success. We need to be inspired & we need to be safe. 

A X 

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