Get off my lawn 

Politics this week appear to have severely wandered off into the long grass issues of get off my lawn. Our country, rich in its historic tapestry of opening our arms wide for the needy, those without hope, now falls into the awful diatribe of the Daily Mail. I hope our Government realise soon that they are far better than this. Please God they are. May our PM truly look behind her and see the faces looking out. Holloween faces hidden beneath the make up of respectability. 

Great to see today the more thoughtful face of journalism from Sky News as they search around for that missing £350M cheque coming our way any time soon as Brexit takes affect. It’s a shame no one appears to have told the new chancellor about his soon to appear windfall. Why there is not another vote in the finale dact that the electorate were intolerably lied to us a mystery. Wheels within wheels in my book. Boris sits pretty whilst the lies he oversaw continue to blister. How is it possible?! 

You know I’m all for getting Britain right and that does mean making sure immigration works for us. However intolerance is abhorrent. It only leads to hate and injustice and the hateful gutter right wing press is leading us into hatred. 

I grew up in the grim 70’s where hate and inequality was rife. By the 80’s our mining communities were fighting with each other and this hatred still, in certain parts, sits here today.  Be careful what you wish for. It’s clear that violence is back on the agenda on the outskirts of our society and when it kicks off, and it will, those at the centre need to understand their part in what they are creating. 

Care for your fellow man. Love. Forgive. May freedom reign. 

A X 

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