Imagine someone coming into your life and totally changing what natural ability you have into something mesmeric. That’s what George Martin did for The Beatles. Add Brian Epstein into the mix and you begin to see just how incredibly fortunate the Fab Four were. Both of these men knew genius when they saw it and therefore both were as equally blessed by the connection they made with John, Paul, George & Ringo. It was though a coming together of stars that has been unequalled in the music hall of greatness.

I’ve often watched documentaries and seen this amiable older man with the Beatles and wondered how on earth they gelled so. You can imagine the young men arriving to work with this meticulous producer, only for George Martin to find them hungover or still high on some form of narcotic and I suspect many of there stories have not surfaced, hidden forever under the blanket of the safety of friends. And yet George would also take these cultural differences and use them to create songs off the musical spectre. I heard Strawberry Fields Forever today for instance and this song pretty much sums up my point. 

Many of you know I adored The Beatles music. I adore it enough to know that without George Martin it simply would not have been as good, as sharp, as memorable. 

Utter musical master. George Martin RIP. 

A X 

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