Frank bloody Sinatra 

I’m listening to plenty of swinging Frank Sinatra at the moment. It’s a voice that just smooches through a song like no other. The whole production of his music is just so smooth, so complete. I smile widely at his easy pronunciation of a line that others would deliver in clumsy fashion. With Sinatra each line drops out as easily as honey from an upturned jar. 

I started listening to Frank quite a few years ago with one of his Christmas records. A few years passed with me visiting him each festive season before I fell upon a certain ‘Songs for Swingin’ Lovers’ ( ) and I was suitably hooked on the fella. 

I was driving into Bath once over the majestic hills that surround it with pals with ‘You Make me Feel so Young’ blasting out of the stereo & us singing it even louder and I can feel that ‘I’m on top of the world’ feeling right now. That’s how Sinatra works for me. 

Now I know there are many other crooners. For me, this guy is the bees knees. 

Frank bloody Sinatra. Genius. 
A X 

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