Fixing a hole 

The Beatles wrote a song about fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops the mind from wandering where it will go. They had quite a talent in writing lines that 50 years on still resonate across our minds. It’s a quandary though as having your mind wandering is exactly what you want to happen! I’m off for a few days this week and apart from dipping into emails my mind is enjoying the deep dive into the joys of a wandering mind. 

So, fix the hole or let the rain pour in? Easy choice this week!

Spent an enjoyable night in the pub last night that included a lengthy chat through ‘On Ashover Hill’ and ‘The Birthday Gift’ with two readers. They wanted to deep dive into the characters and get into the mind of some of them. It’s a real joy to do this with people who have read and loved your books. We got to talking about my new projects too and it was a useful reminder to me to get off my writing arse and get something done!

Maybe I better fix that hole after all! 

A X 

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