Five Years Blipping

I do a daily photo journal called blipfoto. You can see the photos on my site & many of you do! I’ve just posted my five years blip & here’s my blip and text:

‘I sentence you to FIVE years!’ snarled Judge Pickleover, his voice booming across the court and waking poor Jamie Hatheresite from a sweet reverie about Gemima Hirdlesmith.

The court sat in reverent awe at the work of the judge, weighing up as they did so that they were rid of this monster for five years, though he had given the Mayor a black eye and who didn’t want to do exactly the same?!

As for the defendant, and now to be Her Majesty’s guest for the next five years, Gerry Bonecrusher (name changed from Lesley 10 years previously) just stared straight ahead. He was thinking about how he would make Jonny Lightfinger suffer when he got out. It would be the fingers first, then the knee caps and finally the hair nostrils. Nobody liked a grass though even Bonecrusher could see he has been a little over the top. Threatening the Mayor on his doorstep with something far worse than a good tickling had been the thin end of the wedge. It had rather escalated from there. The final scene that would have graced a Guy Ritchie film had been caught on the dreaded CCTV and the now to be convict was bang to rights. Lightfinger had set him up and Lightfinger would pay.

Mrs Lesley, Bonecrusher’s well to do Mother, sat wondering how she was going to twist this one around for her friends at the Tollerton Conservative Club. They were not a tolerant bunch at the best of times having recently blacklisted Mrs Green just for looking a little bit Eastern European.

As for Mr Lesley, well he was not there. He was down the Hope and Anchor sinking brown ale and enjoying some peace. His son was always a mystery to him and this new violent version splashed across every local newspaper was not going to do his newsagent business any good whatsoever. Perhaps now was the time to sell up and go and get that little house in Devon. Obviously not with Mrs Lesley…  

‘Take him down’ bellowed Judge Pickleover.

‘Up yours!’ retorted Bonecrusher.

‘My Angel!’ cried Mrs Lesley!

‘I’ll have another one,’ murmured Mr Lesley.

5 years. Occasional day missed. I’ll try better.

Thankyou for being there and sharing my world as I share yours.

To blip is to see.


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