Fear grips America & the votes roll in

In the 1930’s the prospect of Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister were teetering just above zero. His stock was down based on several major backfires together with some pretty strong and unfashionable views about the issues over in mainland Europe. Wind forward to 1940 and the impossible was fact with Churchill as PM & facing the evil of the Nazism face on. Churchill was an inspirational leader who the country turned to when the situation was grave and yet as soon as peace arrived, they kicked him out of office. It was a remarkable turn of events and one the great man would always struggle to reconcile. 

So why, we are pretty much all asking, is America turning to the extreme views of the right of the Republican Party? The answers are not as obvious as it seems as many Americans are less aware of world events, not because of ignorance but because of their own country being simply huge! It’s hard for us in Britain to understand what it would be like to live in such a great country with every terrain and weather. We read the sound bites that give us a view of Americans but in reality they are, like you would expect, peace loving people looking to make their way in a huge world of inequality that offers confusion for most. Many Americans shudder to think of Trump in office but his train is now in full swing and in America, probably more so than most other countries, money talks if its smooth enough. Trump comes across to many  of us as crass and bullying, but to many in the US culture he is clear leadership material and inspirational and this is why his words are hitting the mark.

Today Hilary Clinton is learning the true extent of the journey she most go on to even get the Democrat nomination as Bernie Sanders pulls away from her in New Hampshire. It’s all pretty bruising stuff. I do hope they are taking enough vitamins! I have read so many articles telling me Trump & Sanders are unelectable and yet here their votes are rolling in – so why? 

Fear is a funny thing. It makes the impossible suddenly become the reality. 1940 Britain tells us that. The Americans fear more than anything the threat to their dream of life, not necessarily their actual life. It is this dream they are now voting for and after two terms of Obama with his fine rhetoric, they believe a more radical approach is required. Hence Trump, the unelectable, becomes a contender. Will he win? It’s very likely. Will he be as radical in office as he is in campaign? Probably not. Will he make the world more or less dangerous? This last question is hard to answer. The world is full of egocentric bullies leading their nations, many of them male. For all we know another one of that ilk might be welcomed. The sport of kings was ever this as the people are just that – people. 

It is, to be frank, a major worry. No wonder the world economies are jittery. Having said that we do need strong leadership for clear progress. Can the Democrats offer that?

A X 

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