Europe is burning with love too

Terrors reign freely across our world because that is what those who inflict it are intent on achieving. Yesterday I was in London and acutely aware of the tremors of Nice as I travelled with thousands of others on our public transport in the wonderful London Underground. At Kings Cross last night police vehicles were there in number with police everywhere. My response? I went and bought flowers, white peonies, for my sweetheart. I held their aroma close to my nose and let their beauty shine through me across the world I live in. 

We are the balm to the world we live in. The beauty we can spread across the toast of our day is equal to the love we make. Didn’t the Beatles sum this up perfectly at the end of Abbey Road?  

I was reminded the other day of some petty argument that lingers on in my personal life and this morning I lay this against the ruler of all we have in our world and I once again see the light. So much we focus on is utter inconsequential bla compared to the kaleidoscope volcanic colours of the cosmic rays that would truly take us to new worlds if we allow them to do so. I am aware though as I write this that many are closed to any possibility of looking past that that is in front of them. The terrorist set on destroying life believes in their death these colours will arrive. I can’t reason with such hate but I can counter dark with light. 

I hear on BBC6 a conversation around how life evolves in normal time, not knowing what colossal life events await around the corner. Those in Nice had no idea what would visit them, yet visit them it would. 

Please, today, take time to let joy blossom in your world and let its petals fall around the feet of the generations around you. 

A X 

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