Donald Trump 

Donald Trump
Wealthy beyond most folks grasp, one step away from US President and no doubt inundated with offers from beautiful people, but still not going to get an invite to my Christmas party table. 

I can’t help but think that the Republican presidential candidate is a billionaire made good at the expense of thousands of normal folk seriously screwed over by mini Donald’s. Those of you unaware of the Trump effect should look to Scotland’s north west coast and how he took his business sense to foreign fields. Donny and his Trumplings wanted to build all sorts of things and treated anyone who resisted with hateful contempt. There’s a very good article in The Guardian on Trump’s awful behaviour and his many broken promises [url=][/url] . It’s not pleasant reading. 

Of course many in the US still support him although his outburst over Republican’s over the last 48 hours should do for him. 

For me politics is about proving a case in point and here in the UK you can see how this breaks down when you look at the Brexit vote built on half truths and lies and yet, in a so called democracy, the result still stands. Now with sterling at a 30+ year low and FTSE at an all time high, you could be forgiven in seeing the hands of the worlds money men all over this. UK patsies and sure enough the pain will follow when markets face corrections that will again see the square mile rejoice. 

As for Trump you have to ask how a democracy allows money to rule because that is not democracy. We have western civilisation lecturing the world on democracy when it is the law of capital that runs the show. Ever was I hear you shout! Probably true, but doesn’t it feel worse than ever?

Eventually a Trump type buffoon will be elected in a key democracy and their poor judgement will hover over key decisions and you can imagine the rest. Let’s hope it’s not in November. 

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