Good afternoon all & seasons greetings. 

Choices. Why does it seem sometimes that choices are being made for you and there’s nothing but a feeling of powerlessness to face up to them with? 

It’s been a funny old week with some precious people in my life having huge things happening and I’ve been grappling with the choice we can always make whilst our body allows. This is the choice to breathe long and hard through whatever adversity is throwing at you and to know a semblance of calm in the choppy waters you are in. It’s an incredibly strong thing to do and to the advancing storms that threaten to overtake you this refusal to be swept away is a defining moment. It will empower you. I know these words can just seem like buzz concepts, but the truth of this I have personally born out in my life. Dare to stare a storm in the eyes and then turn away to have some time to yourself. Refuse to let the storm come in to your space. You know it will be still waiting for you and this time is to refill your batteries. 

It doesn’t change the fact that something may well be pretty awful in your life, or that what you are facing is so not what you wish to be in front of. However you are finding some safety for yourself and from this seed will grow strength and, miraculously, your own choices. 

Your mind is so unbelievably powerful. Believe in it and you will find strength you may well currently think impossible to find. 

May your Christmas be a time of love and peace. 

A X 

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