Castles & sand 

Wisdom they say comes if you look for it. When you think of our busy lives making decisions of great importance on the hoof, then the art of standing still to find wisdom stands out all too clearly. In many ways it’s a lost art and we must uncover it to truly grow. 

By taking the time to truly investigate whether your choices are truly merited will give you the years of knowing you asked every question, but, and here’s the rub, you must be prepared to make changes based on the truths you uncover. 

How many times have I got it wrong? Lots. What has this taught me? That I’m often not as sure as I’d like to be. How can I better protect myself from my poor choices? By taking more time to gain more wisdom to make better ones! 

Add into this mix the wisdom of maturity, the truth that time teaches us that 1+1 really does almost certainly make 2. 

Choose your decisions carefully. Believe in the wisdom of conversation and that what you think may not be right. Then, after all is said and done, make a positive decision with no regrets save those of the sadness of what you must sometimes do. 

Peace, love and think of the world you live in to enrich it…

A X 

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