Carrot & Ginger Soup 

Days like today are perfect for mouth watering homemade soups & the best thing is they are so easy to make. Take Carrot & Ginger for example. The beauty of this is you can make your own variety and mix it up as you feel the urge. In today’s version I added in a few fresh herbs to add extra little Saturday lunch twist. I find smelling the herb to feel if it sits right with the ingredients you are cooking with means your palate is making the right choice for you. If in doubt – don’t add it! 

The key though to any good soup is the stock. Certain adverts will have you believe mixing hot water with a cube of magic is the right way to go and of course if speed is of the essence I kind of get this, though if speed really is paramount then why not just open a tin of soup! With my stock I have always had my water quietly simmering as I add in all the ‘waste’ that is not going into the soup. This way your stock is dark and intense by the time you add it to your main ingredients that have been simmering nicely for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Simmering is key to allow the flavours to begin to take shape and it is this early attention to bonding that will unlock in your bowl later on. 

Finally I always find soup best served with a nice wedge of freshly baked roll. This way you can clean the bowl down to every last drop on your fine bread. 

Carrot & Ginger. Yummy. 

A X 

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