Brexit & which gear next

It’s easy to knock Boris Johnson for replaying two sides of an argument when the walls appear to come tumbling down on the side he took. Personally I believe understanding two sides of an argument to be perfectly sensible though I do find the fact that he went to the lengths of writing two newspaper articles with views polls apart indefensible. There were though many who backed his chosen view just as many who voted to stay in did so without great conviction. It’s what Britain does next that counts; whether to find a more aggressive forward gear or slam the whole thing into reverse. 

What would a successful company have done? First of all let’s be clear. It would not throw its future into the hands of people who had no real idea of the outcome. Sadly this is democracy’s Achilles heel. Secondly it would have spent many months and possibly years going through scenarios, testing the affects of a move either way. Did the Conservative Government do this? As our party in power they owe us, the British people, a duty of care. How is it that so many who voted to stay in Europe now lead us to get out, against what mandate, against what set of variables that were clearly laid out, tested and proven? Thirdly they would have carefully monitored their decision to see what changes were needed. They would be sleek of foot. Can our Government do this? 

As international companies now make plans to leave these shores following through on their clear advice that for us to leave Europe was a mistake, we blindly plough along with a right wing racially driven popular press that will happily take us to the gutter at the behest of their wealthy benefactors. Are you comfortable with any of this?

Of course life will go on. If we do leave Europe good times will, even i believe, come back, eventually. In the meantime expect storms in the form of house prices plummeting, jobless figures rising and our world position falling apart. Fastened in for the ride? Personally I’m hoping for a reverse gear. 

Now I think I’ll do another blog saying how great everything’s going to be with King Boris leading us in Europe as our bloody Foreign Secretary!!!!!!!

Anthony Scott 

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