Boris & his balls of steel 

What a peculiar few days we’ve had! They say a week is a long time in politics and in the case of this last week it’s been an eternity! 

There’s much about who trumped who to see both David Cameron and Boris fall on their swords and yet I can’t help but see the obvious here. The Tories will emerge stronger and more established than they were, out of Europe to please the party faithful, and the opposition savaged by infighting that threatens to destroy them. It feels very much like a set up. This was no accident. 

Did Boris know this would happen, that is was he in on the game plan, or was he just used as we all were in a referendum built on lies and counter lies that served a less than palatable dish? 

These Eton boys go back to private education when discussions around the newly joined European Union would have dominated the Eton Debating Society chamber. Transcripts of these events would make interesting reading now wouldn’t they! You couldn’t write this could you!

So you then come to the referendum and the right wing press that whipped up the electoral to believe the great Boris Johnson would be Prime Minister in this brave new world. And yet he wasn’t. 

If you voted to leave do you now feel cheated or relieved? 

Boris must surely be feeling chastised. He’s no stranger to being the butt of jokes but here his credibility has been stretched beyond anything he can surely ever now recover from. 

Politics is a dirty business and it requires balls of steel. Theresa May; I wish you well!

A X  

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