Book Updates

Good morning Campers. The next few months are full on with my day job in the world of finance but I’m determined to get a few things done on my books. This week has been great to chat about my books with readers and receive inspiring feedback from new readers only last night on the World Wide Web. So: action!

First job is to get the second edition of On Ashover Hill done. There were a couple of errors in the first one which have been amended plus a little info added about me and the website. There are now only a few copies of the first edition left though I’ve snaffled a box from the publisher to keep for myself. If you contact the publisher you could yet get one… publication by early summer. 

Secondly I need to decide what to do with Being in a Band and whether to call it that or indeed it’s working title Being in a Band -Part 1. It makes me giggle in a Tom Sharpe ridiculous way and I think will be a good diversion for my readers and it will automatically appeal to new readers. Publication with the second edition of OAH. 

Then the quartet waiting patiently in the background to be written. It sits there waiting for me. It starts here in the streets of Staithes and I suspect will end here too. In fact as I write this The Eagles pop onto my music run singing ‘Desperado’ and I immediately know how the fourth book will end. Oh my. 

The quartet will follow a young man from growing up pre WW2, his struggles in the war and the aftermath, his journeys across our planet with the US and Europe all set to be involved, his life and loves, his highs and lows. Always a shadow will follow him to both inspire and bring darkness too. 

Thankyou. For reading. For caring. 

A X 

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