You drop your bomb and I’ll drop mine! Killing one another is an age old problem. Wherever you look and pretty much that means literally wherever, killing others has been a weapon of choice. Trump retaliating tonight, if that’s how you view it, is another shot in the arm of hardware designed to frankly kill in large numbers with great devastation. Don’t forget this is ISIS we are dealing with and the awful deeds they take credit for. Something had to be done but as a United front surely, not the US world sheriff again?! 

I have no answer. It just feels grim. Death for death, eye for eye, and based on what truth where this ever worked? The innocent always die and where is their ‘justice?’

I’ve been reading the excellent Robert Harris’s ‘Conclave’ this week and that throws interesting slants into why even the holy do what they do. In the name of your god you may well be doing things but I can almost guarantee I can find another god with another view. 

Peace and live is what most of us want save the arms industry which craves the opposite doesn’t it? Our governments supply one side and another government supplies the other. It’s the United Nations of shit hitting the fan. 

Hold your loved ones close tonight. That’s about as close to making a difference that many of us feel we can get!

Peace, love and befriend an opposite!

A X 

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