Big Sam is busted 

And so, after one game in charge in which England got a fine result, Big Sam aka Mike Bassett, has gone. The story goes that the ridiculous big Sam, or pea brained Sam, met some disguised reporters and basically made himself and English football look more ridiculous than it already looks. You couldn’t write it unless you looked into the back story of both pea brained Sam and the football money story in this country. Thankfully the Telegraph has looked into precisely this and you can expect more heads to roll. 

Why does it take the press to deal with what everyone knows – corruption in our beloved game. Here’s my answer to footballs crapinness in England in 10 easy  steps:

1. Cap premiership wages

2. Bring in a quota of at least 8 English players in every first team squad 

3. Publish club and player charitable work

4. Open days at every training ground weekly

5. Ban advertising of products by players and managers 

6. Ban agents

7. Incentivise success only

8. Introduce miked up refs

9. Introduce video refs 

10. Half time flogging of all breaking these rules

As for pea brained Sam – throw as many books at him as is possible. 

The new manager is obvious to everyone other than the FA. He was born to manage England and please just give Glenn Hoddle the job and be done with it. 

J O K E. That’s English football. Well done pea brained Sam in adding ineptitude and stupidity to our endless ability to not be very good on the pitch. All of this has been helped, magnificently, by the toothless FA putting up with the hideous package that is the Prrmiership roadshow. I listened recently to various idiots on Talk Sport talking about the boredom of English national football and that they couldn’t wait to get back to the Premiership. No surprises for guessing who owns both Sky and Talk Sport. I mean seriously, please see the wood for the trees here! Men like Bobby Charlton made this country greatly proud. Now see what the money men and the mindless idiots who follow them are doing to our national sport. 

A truly dark day for English sport.

A X 

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