Adam Johnson & the art of Despicability 

So a man in a position of power uses this to prey on a vulnerable young lady. Ever was is the truth here and this despicable behaviour is played out across the world. Of course the men involved are hideous bullies, cowards too, but I wonder what responsibility lies with those on the periphery, those who know what is happening but choose to remain silent. 

The fact that Adam Johnson’s case was played out so publically before us underlines our system of justice. This man was allowed to stay in the middle of our communities, play football on the world’s largest football stage, be out in the world to conduct whatever behaviour he so choose, and ultimately lie and keep lieing to all those around him. ‘I didn’t do it,’ he said, ‘I’m not guilty.’ Armed with that knowledge his club stood by him. He was welcomed back into the dressing room to train and then play in the Premiership. How awful are that club feeling now? You see this is one of the consequences of the dreadful behaviour of one individual in that it taints all those around them. It’s simply awful. 

Then to the guilty party themselves. These people are more often than not totally self contained. They are 100% confident they are right and therefore not only will they say they are not guilty, but they will do so because they believe it despite the fact they know something happened! You might ask how such a slip of the mind occurs and be amazed to know it’s because the aggressor believes the injured person to have been party to the whole thing. In short, the aggressor feels no remorse because everything that happened was either a 50/50 thing or the aggrieved person ‘had it coming.’ 

How you teach remorse to a person who doesn’t feel any is what prison is partly about and here comes another problem. The education in our prisons needs major funding and huge amounts of work around change of mindset of inmates. It’s hardly top of a Governments agenda and it’s a dirty subject, but a prison sentence needs to see the prisoner return to society a better person. It’s another huge circle our country must find and manage more effectively. 

Those of you who know my writing will know very well the character Robert McTeer in On Ashover Hill. A man who was charming and led a huge business, but who did so with an undercurrent of fear. He was a bully who saw himself as right all the time. You can’t reason with such a man and you would be better off being many miles away from them and yet how do you extrapolate yourself away from somebody where your joint interests are aligned? It’s not easy is it. We’ve all got our bills to pay and I suspect we all know variations of the character that is Robert McTeer. 

So to bullies who use their position of power to prey on younger vulnerable people, I say this. You are weak. Your shallowness means you do not know how to truly love. You are a disgrace to all those who have loved you and Mother Earth looks at you and weeps. In your middle of the night hours may you be tortured by your thoughts. You are despicable and a blot on all those you seek to represent. I hope you get everything that’s coming to you but that in doing so the innocents around you are protected. 

Our world deserves better than this doesn’t it. 

A X  

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